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W.01 [12-19 February] 
Warm-up Exercise: Make group of two, draw “blind contour” portraits of each other. Do not spend time more than 10 minutes. Do not forget to upload your find later.
Homework: “Colourize” your self-portraits! (The tools and the techniques are up to you).
W.02 [19-26 February]
Homework: Make a generic description for polygons. Depending on the input, create different polygons (Processing is recommended,  other platforms/interfaces which support graphic representation are also very welcome).
Homework: “Texturize” your portraits. Try different patterns and techniques.
Plus, usage of some 2D graphical user interfaces will be appreciated.
W.03[26 February – 4 March]
Warm-up Exercise: Select a book cover and a movie poster. Extract design principles via patterns (such as figure-ground, symmetry, rhythm, repetition, visual hierarchy, contrast, proportion, etc.). Not spend more than 10 minutes in total.
Homework: Upload the selected book cover and the movie poster to drive. Redesign the images via changing some pattern relationships.
Homework: Explore/seek for (or develop your own) a behavior as a way of manipulating a given image. You are expected to make a one-minute long presentation.
Homework: Find samples codes and/or develop your own codes of “aperiodic tiling”.
(please see http://www.ams.org/samplings/feature-column/fcarc-penrose)
W.04[4 March-11 March]
Warm-up Exercises: Make groups of 4. Find some plants around the faculty building, which can be used as a background image. Develop an animated collage by using your photos and the selected scene. Make also a “Abbey Road” version of the study.
Homework -MyTree: Select and analyse a specific tree in Maslak Campus. Make observations and capture data on site. Bring photos, diagrams, drawings, information.
W.05[11 March-18 March]
Homework – You are expected to prepare an experimental 30 seconds video. Focus on a specific phenomenon and related concepts within MyTree project. Scenarize your stuyd. Play with the speed, time, rhythm, repetitions, transitions of the scenes in your video. Some potential  keywords:
A new point of view. Observation on site. Interaction with environmental conditions. A story of wind. Branching and gravity. Fall of a leaf. Tree and the people. Tree and the invisible aura. What if the tree moves. Tree and the sun. Texture of the tree. Tree and the ants.

W.10[15 April -22April]

Use the following poster template.Prepare your own poster (group of 3 or 4 person). Feel free to interpret the template, change the color and also find a new name for your play.


to be continued…