1 Visual sensation and perception. Introduction to design elements. Graphic design.
2 Point, line, plane and  shape. Relationships among them. Examples and practice.
3 Space in graphic design. Place. Examples and practice.
4 Color and color theory. Examples.
5 Proposition, balance, movement, rhythm, symmetry, asymmetry. Examples and practice.
6 Texture and structure. Examples and practice.
7 Practice on midterm project.
8 Class work:
9 Analysis of midterm project. Text structures ( font, size etc.) Examples and practice. Basic rules of using text forms in a composition.
10 Description of projects. Examples and practice on projects. Digital collage.
11 Searching new texture structures from nature. ( sketch and/or photograph) Analysis and practice.
12 Practice on final projects. Processing of digital collage. Practice
13 Combining a photograph and digital collage. Examples and practice.
14 Analysis of and practice on projects.